Nintendo DS Grab Bag – 6 Random Games + Case & Styluses

Nintendo DS Grab Bag - 6 Random Games + Case & Styluses
This is for a lot of 6 Random Nintendo DS games from our inventory! We have thousands of Nintendo DS games in stock. We have the newer and older games, and you can check out the picture for this listing for an example of our inventory. We will randomly select 6 different Nintendo DS games from our inventory to send you. We guarantee that at least 3 of the games will come with the original artwork, instruction manual, and game cartridge. Of course, we also guarantee that each and every game will work perfectly in your Nintendo DS or 3DS system! You will also receive a Black Intec Duracase, which holds your DS Lite, DSi, or 3DS (non-XL) system, 6 game cartridges, and an extra stylus. And as an added bonus, we will add in a few extra styluses! The mix of games you receive will be completely random. We do promise that you'll receive no more than one sports game in your lot of 6 games. We also promise that we won't send you any duplicate games. If you're looking to build up your Nintendo DS collection, here's a great chance to get 6 games for less than the price of 1 new one! We do not accept returns on these lots. You cannot exchange games for different ones, and you cannot return them for a refund.
Available Qty: 15
Price: $14.75