A better game manual than the old school blizzard games?

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    The manuals for Starcraft, Warcraft III and Diablo II from Blizzard were awesome.
    Those manuals I actually read front to back.



    The Warcraft 2 one for Battle.net edition is good as well. Gave great backstory to the events of Warcraft and what happened. I know I tried to play the 1st one and that "YOU HAVE TO BUILD ROAD" bs was too much for me 😀

    Great to hear of the Human Orc commander and all that stuff.

    I hope they really go all out on Diablo 3. SC2 ‘s nice,k but it seems like there could be more



    I remember those, they were pretty cool



    First manuals were color, then black and white…now they have shrunk them down to the point they are inside the slip cover…to the point where it says instruction manual on disc! I miss flipping through them!


    ive never been one for manuals but i must agree with you on this one.



    I guess you’re right based on the games but I haven’t seen those manuals.But yea some games have fun to read manuals..Stopped doing that though(unnecessry as tutorial gives you all you need,and throughout the game).


    Whether I bother to read the info in them or not, I love manuals.

    Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga has one of the better manuals in more recent times.

    The Witcher III also comes with a manual, which is exceedingly rare nowadays. While it’s only a few pages long, they pack in a free compendium booklet, soundtrack, stickers, map, etc. in with the regular edition of the game, making it feel more like RPGs of the past that included a lot of stuff with the game.



    I was surprised when I saw one with The Witcher 3. I have to admit I do have a thing for game manuals, if a game doesn’t have one when I open it up I kinda feel let dowwn. Really hate the ones that come with a slip of paper that says to go online for the manual, thats like a slap in the face.

    Another thing I love is the maps/ posters that used to come in games, especially the old GTA games. Those posters were awesome, I was sad to see that GTAV didnt come with one like they did.

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    I always loved getting a hardcopy map with a game. I tended to at least glance through the manuals, but it was the maps I tended to reference most often.



    Actually game posters would be nice to have as part of the package



    Actually game posters would be nice to have as part of the package

    I think some games used to back in the days? No way now though. They can’t afford to spend that kind of money on us.

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