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    Gaskets and plugs Mechanical Seal[/url] : Plugs are the simplest forms of seals. They may be made of spongy materials, like cork or rubber.

    When plugs are fitted into a hole, they are pressed into that opening so that mechanical pressure is created.

    The pressure seals the opening, thereby preventing anything from escaping from the hole. Gaskets also support this mechanism.

    If the space between two objects isn’t completely sealed or if a joint isn’t totally aligned, a gasket can fill this space so that fluid or gas is completely sealed off.

    Hose couplings: Some seals work as simple as screwing something into the gap to make the two separate object fit very snugly together.

    For example, when a hose is screwed into a faucet, there’s very little chance that water will escape.

    Complex seals: Of course, there are seals that are essentially a lot more complicated than the above examples. Shafts installed in pumps, for instance, are set up very tightly within their casing.

    To make sure water stays out, a layer of oil is placed between the pump’s casing and shaft.

    Concrete Wedge Anchors is positioned right between the shaft and the casing so that both will push against each other. This system will result into a solid barrier that can withstand massive amounts of pressure.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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