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    In recent years we are seeing a large flow of players who have traditionally moved from console to PC for certain reasons, among which are that games are more expensive in console, that the hardware has begun to update now every 3 years instead of 6 or more, the payment required to play online, or the limited variety of games. Therefore, we will collect the most popular PC game platforms.

    This platform, created by Valve in 2002, is the PC gaming platform par excellence and which are created by game app developers. It has around 22,000 games in its store (Playstation 4 has just over 1,000 right now), some of them Free to Play. It makes around 4 annual offers in which they lower the prices of their games up to 80 or 90%, and practically all the PC games are launched in it. It has more than 140 million active accounts.


    The Big Picture mode allows easy access from the sofa in your living room and handle it with a remote control.
    Supports other operating systems, such as Linux and macOS.
    Steam Workshop, which allows users to upload and integrate their mods in games, and to download them we only have to press a button.
    Family Sharing : share your entire library of games with whoever you want, although two people can not play at the same time.
    Your games are automatically synchronized with the cloud.
    Automatic download of patches while doing other things on the PC.

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