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    Each week GameDealDaily.com gives away four free items selected from our inventory. A new contest begins at 1pm Eastern time every Monday afternoon. Entrants have 7 days to compile as many entries as they can to give them the best shot at winning one of the prizes. The winners will be randomly selected from the pool of total entrants. Obviously, those users with more entries have a better shot at winning a prize.

    Now, here are the ways that you can gain an entry into the weekly contest:

    1) Respond to the current week’s contest thread in the “Gamedealdaily.com Weekly Giveaways” forum. This will earn you 1 entry into the current giveaway. You MUST do this to be eligible to win any of the prizes.

    2) Either create a new thread or reply to an existing thread in one of our other forums. For each message you post or reply to in another forum, you will receive one additional entry into the weekly contest. Therefore, you can gain up to 7 additional contest entries each weekly simply by participating in the forums every day.

    Note: You will not gain entries for additional posts in this thread. Please make only one post in this thread so you are eligible for the contest. You have the best chance to win if you participate daily on all of the boards, not just this one!

    BONUS ENTRIES – These are OPTIONAL ways to gain three more entries into the Weekly Giveaway. In addition to the 7 entries you can earn by posting in the forums in each day of the week, you can earn one bonus entry by completing each of the following objectives:

    1. Post on our Facebook wall. You will need to become one our fans (if you aren’t already) and post a comment to the corresponding post. You can follow this link to our Facebook page:


    2. Post in your next Twitter update:
    Win a Brand New Nintendo Switch and more from GameDealDaily! http://gamedealdaily.com/forums/forum/gamedealdaily-com-weekly-giveaways/

    3. Create three new topics in the Video Game Discussion Hub.

    You will receive one bonus entry for completing each of the above objectives, which increases the maximum number of contest entries you can earn to 10.

    Note: All threads and posts will be checked for quality. No one-word posts to boost your count. You are still free to post quick, short responses if you wish, but they will not count towards your contest entries.

    If you win a prize in a weekly giveaway please send an email to help@gamedealdaily.com, stating the prize that you won and also your shipping address so we can mail your prize out to you.

    Here are last week’s winners:

    Horizon – xx_lxcoy_xx

    Destiny – Rwck

    Skyrim – xheartlessx

    Test Drive DLC – Mikurden

    Here are the prizes for the giveaway beginning 3/6/17:

    First Prize – Nintendo Switch console

    Second Prize – Falling Skies (Xbox 360, PS3, Winner’s Choice)

    Third Prize – Peggle 2 (Xbox 360)

    Fourth Prize – The Consul’s Car DLC Pack (PS3)



    In for the Switch! Thanks.


    Awesome! Welcome back doc and everyone! Switching things up I see. 😀

    In for the Switch and good luck to everyone as well. Tweeted and Facebook’d too! Woo!



    Welcome back!

    Count me in for the Switch & Falling Skies

    Twitter: @ilRadd
    Facebook: Mark Monzo



    Congrats, winners! Great contest prizes lately. I’m in for the Switch this time!

    Posting to FB and Twitter next. Best of luck, everyone!



    in for the switch and falling skies (ps3)

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    Congrats to myself for Skyrim! I have sent an email to redeem the prize.

    Congrats to all other winners!

    Hate to double dip but Nintendo switch is too good to pass up. If allowed I’m in! Good luck to all!



    Seeing if Luck can go my way! Come on Nintendo Switch!



    I’m in for the Switch!



    Thanks for the contest!


    I’m in for the Switch! Thanks for starting back up the giveaways, Doc!

    I facebooked and tweeted as well!


    In for the Nintendo Switch



    I’m in for the Nintendo switch. Can’t wait man.



    Would love a switch. Thanks again



    Switchin’ it up! Hey, good luck to everybody. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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