Weekly Giveaway #9 (12/22-12/29) – LOST PLANET WINTER WEEK

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    Each week Gamedealdaily.com gives away four free items selected from our inventory. A new contest begins at 1pm Eastern time every Monday afternoon. Entrants have 7 days to compile as many entries as they can to give them the best shot at winning one of the prizes. The winners will be randomly selected from the pool of total entrants. Obviously, those users with more entries have a better shot at winning a prize. Winners will be notified through private message. Now, here are the ways that you can gain an entry into the weekly contest:

    1) Respond to the current week’s contest thread in the “Gamedealdaily.com Weekly Giveaways” forum. This will earn you 1 entry into the current giveaway. You MUST do this to be eligible to win any of the prizes.

    2) Either create a new thread or reply to an existing thread in one of our other forums. For each message you post or reply to in another forum, you will receive one additional entry into the weekly contest. Therefore, you can gain up to 7 additional contest entries each weekly simply by participating in the forums every day.

    Note: You will not gain entries for additional posts in this thread. Please make only one post in this thread so you are eligible for the contest.

    Note: All threads and posts will be checked for quality. No one-word posts to boost your count. You are still free to post quick, short responses if you wish, but they will not count towards your contest entries.

    If you have any questions regarding the Gamedealdaily.com weekly giveaways, please contact us at: help@gamedealdaily.com

    Last Week’s Winners:

    SOCOM – Smileface
    Contra 4 – Jrittmayer
    Midway Arcade Treasures 2 – mjohnson798
    Front Mission 4 – stickfigx

    I’ve decided to go with a Christmas/Winter theme for this week to celebrate the holiday season. Here are the prizes for the week beginning December 22nd:

    1st Prize: Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions (PS3)

    2nd Prize: SSX 3 (PS2)

    3rd Prize: Outlaw Golf 9 Holes of XMas & Outlaw Golf 9 More Holes of XMas (XBox, 2 games)

    4th Prize: March of the Penguins (GBA)

    No fancy game descriptions or pictures this week, sorry! Next week the weekly giveaway will be back to normal!

    Usually I post the giveaway to a few forums to get some more entries in. This week we don’t have time to post it to the various forums, so there will probably be less entries but very deserving winners.



    Sweet! I won again! I think this theme idea is pretty cool! Maybe for next Halloween we could have a Horror game theme, or during the sumemr we could have a summer game theme…



    Didn’t win last week. 😥 Hopefully this week will be my lucky week.



    YES!! Oh my god! I can’t believe it!! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!
    Thank you so much GDD!
    I’m okay without winning for another while but I’t won’t hurt to post anyways.
    😀 😀 😀 😀



    aww no 360 games again. gratz to all the winners. hope this week will be something good for me 😀



    Wat an appropriate game for Winter.


    Well, I never got MGS2. Either it got lost in the mail or it’s just really, really, really late due to the time of year and whatever other factors.

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and win SSX3 (seeing as how the PS2 is the only console I own)… ¬_¬

    I'm a potato.



    Whoa… another win, I love you guys.



    …………this sux



    I could make use of the first or second one…



    outlaw golf would be fun



    I understand lost planet is pretty good…


    hope i get lucky this time



    Bummer, I didn’t win SOCOM… oh well, maybe Lost Planet this time.


    Lost Loser

    I’m in, and counting on the magical powers of Christmas to let me win this week.

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