XBox 360 Grab Bag – 11 Games + Extras

XBox 360 Grab Bag - 11 Games + Extras
This is for a lot of 11 Random XBox 360 games from our inventory! You will receive the following Xbox 360 Full Game Downloads: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Alan Wake, Tomb Raider, Borderlands 2, and 2 other random Xbox 360 game downloads. You will also receive a random selection of 5 physical games from our Xbox 360 inventory, most of which are brand new and factory sealed.

BONUS - We will also include 3 pieces of Xbox memorabilia for free with every purchase. These items include Steelbooks and other collectible cases, posters, stickers, and all kinds of other trinkets related to Xbox.

We will also ship your order USPS Priority Mail for free! Both the physical games and game downloads will be sent through the mail. The mix of games you receive will be completely random. We do promise that you'll receive no more than one sports game in your lot of 11 games. We also promise that we won't send you any duplicate games. If you're looking to build up your XBox 360 collection, here's a great chance to get 11 games for less than the half the price of 1 new one! We do not accept returns on these lots. You cannot exchange games for different ones, and you cannot return them for a refund.
Available Qty: 143
Price: $29.75