Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in 1 Gamepad Controller PS3 PS2 PC


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Have you ever wanted to game like a professional in the comfort of your house? Thrustmaster lets you realize your dream at a reasonable price. The Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in 1 is an affordable gamepad that will soon become your favorite accessory of all times. This controller is a wired gamepad and will give you the freedom of moving around comfortably while ensuring seamless gameplay. This Thrustmaster gamepad is compatible with PS3, PS2 and PC games, letting you use it for a wide variety of games and on multiple platforms. It also boasts of a feature that has now become synonymous with adrenaline pumping gaming. The force feedback of this gamepad is enabled by 2 vibration motors that are placed in the grips. The rumble and shake of the gamepad adds to the realism of the game and helps you react faster than if you were relying on visual cues to destroy soldiers or the undead.

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