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Gamers take a spin at turning the countryside upside down, in control of their own personal, powerful wind funnels. Tornado Outbreak is a game of open-ended exploration and collection that revolves around the “keep going, keep growing” play mechanic central to the popular Katamari games: The more objects the tornado picks up, the bigger it becomes, which in turn allows it to pick up even larger objects. Players take control of their tornado’s movements across fields, meadows, towns, cities, and other landscapes. Missions challenge them to collect particular items or to beat certain time challenges, but a sandbox-style level layout lets them play at their own pace while still making progress. An “auto-collect” mode grabs almost anything near as the tornado spins by. A more advanced “chain-collecting” mode awards big point totals to players who can steer their spinning vessel of mass destruction toward particular objectives — especially toward the evil little creatures that hide in tricky places. In the game’s story mode, these villainous creatures have tricked the player’s tornado into thinking it’s saving a noble hero by tearing up the countryside. The good-hearted tornado only wanted to help, and never meant to cause any harm, but now clever enemies and powerful boss characters stand to stop the twister hero from setting things right once again. In addition to the single-player set-up, Tornado Outbreak features a cooperative multiplayer mode for two.

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